This new Clive Christian Alpha Deco design was truly realised by the desire for a Deco influenced contemporary style with the added ingredient of opulence from a bygone era .


Whilst delving into the notable heritage of the Clive Christian Company archives we discovered an image dating to circa 1930 which embodies the elegance of the Deco period which we have chosen to harness for this Clive Christian kitchen.


Finished in cool walnut wood and hand painted in a special Mother of Pearl white paint, we wished to showcase our handmade cabinetry, whilst also highlighting the personalisation and bespoke services such as marquetry and veneers which are at the heart of every Clive Christian project.


Taking further inspiration from the 1930s period of time we were delighted to see that the glorious Orient Express had utilised Lalique panelling in their classic Pullman carriages, where the glazed panels were used to separate the different compartment areas of each carriage and in turn created an air of exclusive mystery and intrigue.


We chose to capture this element of exclusivity and selected the Lalique ‘Merles et Raisins’ (Blackbirds and Grapes) glass panels to incorporate into the mantle and have recreated the pattern in a complete pair of mosaic panels for the hidden cocktail cabinet handcrafted using eight different veneers including birds eye maple, burr walnut, sapele and cherry.


By combining our traditional methods of extraordinary British craftsmanship, bespoke customisation and by partnering with some of the most respected names in the world of interiors, we have a truly decadent room - a genuine reflection of the quality and style of this glamorous bygone era brought straight in to modern times at the heart of the home.


Constructed using a traditional Clive Christian framework, the Alpha Deco Collection pairs the design with a minimalist door in a rare, almost unique fashion, whilst maintaining Clive Christian integrity & quality throughout the design and manufacturing process.


 Stepped design elements feature strongly across the range including fluted glass panels, and in house machined timber mouldings such as edge beading and skirting.   The range is available in four different finishes – Honey Oak, Cool Walnut, Black Walnut or Painted